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The difference between polished and polished glaze tiles


Quintana polished surface is polished through the brick body made of a light brick, it belongs to a whole body brick. Relative to whole body tiles, the tiles of the surface to be more smooth. Polished hard wear-resistant, suitable for use in addition to the bathroom, the kitchen most of the interior space. On the basis of the use of bleed technology, we can make all kinds of stone-tiles, wood effect.

Brick clay and stone powder of this type of repression by the press, and then baked, positive and negative consistent brilliance, not on the glaze, burned, the surface and then through the polishing process, so that the front is very smooth, very beautiful, the back is the real face of the brick. Will leave uneven porosity when polished tiles, these pores will accumulate dirt, and even some tea down on the tiles are conceding. Perhaps aware of this industry, and later a number of good quality tiles in the factory have added a layer of anti-fouling layer, antifouling layer but this layer also allows polished lose body tile effect. If you want to inherit the whole body, it can only inherit brush the stain layer. Renovation construction sector has marked in the water before anti-fouling wax to the practice.

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