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glazed porcelain tiles
As we all know, natural stone material is not only expensive but also highly radioactive, which has negative effects on human body. It would be nice if there was a tile that could perfectly reproduce the fine texture of natural our glazed tiles tiles will do the job .The glaze, fine grain coating and semi-polishing process are adopted in the glazed tiles of our company glazed tiles to make the surface smooth and elegant. The stone effect tiles from The beautiful appearance of real marble and combines it with The unique physical properties of tiles. It is being The and allows for easy maintenance and color control. So the glazed tile is the best choice for a wide range of upscale hotels , houses and so on .
size : 600*600cm , 800*800cm
thickness: 9.3mm-10mm
water absorptoion: <3%
breaking strength : > 1300N
certifications : ISO , SGS ,SASO, CE