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Paving Guidelines:

After tiling effect to a large extent influenced by construction methods, so to use the correct paving method.

1, before use, look outside the box on all kinds of identification, so that by model, color, size, etc. and stacking and use. Preferably a certain number of tiles on the space fight, observe the appearance quality color number, size and flatness inspection;
2, before the Stones first base of the wall ground leveling, water conservation, cleaning and other treatment, to ensure smooth surface. If it is a smooth wall surface to be a flower processing, increase the adsorption bond strength and building products;
3, Stones, cement mortar and tile adhesive mixing, it is recommended to use 225 # cement mortar tiles, tiles with cement mortar # 425;
4, when the Stones by product design features or the back logo paving unified direction, rotate 180 ° paving will not have much impact on the effect of prohibiting Stones tune 90 degrees;
5, in order to avoid thermal expansion coefficient of concrete and ceramic arch varies according to different types of products and construction requirements, should remain evenly between the cracks of 1 ~ 5mm tiles;
6, when using the sealant, in strict accordance with the requirements of sealant material to water use ratio;
7, the Stones finished, repeatedly with a hammer handle gently tap the tile, it can be firmly adhered so far;
8, after one hour had finished, promptly cement or other contaminants remain in the tile surface, wipe and clean;
9, after 12 hours had finished, tap the tile surface, it was discovered empty drums should be re-laying;

10, had finished after 24 hours, before walking, scrub, mix with water detergent will tile thoroughly clean.