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What is Sintered Stone?
What is Sintered Stone?
09 Dec 2021/

Sintered Stone-luxury, expensive, textured, once it came out, it instantly surprised the home industry.

It has natural and beautiful patterns, but it's not delicate like marble.


What is Sintered Stone?

Sintered Stone is a new type of porcelain material with super-large specifications, which is made of natural raw materials through a special process, pressed by a press over 15,000 tons, combined with advanced production technology, and fired at the temperature above 1200 ℃. It can stand cutting, drilling, grinding and other processing processes.


Advantages of Sintered Stone:

(1) Safety and hygiene: It's made from purely natural materials that can be in direct contact with food. 100% recyclable, has no toxicity and no radiation, and comprehensively considers the needs of human sustainable development, and is healthy and environmentally friendly.


(2) Fire resistance and high-temperature resistance: Sintered Stone with A1-level fire resistance will not deform when they come into direct contact with high-temperature objects, and will not produce any physical changes (shrinkage, rupture and discoloration) when exposed to an open flame at 2000 ℃, nor will they emit any gas or smell.


(3) Anti-Dirty: The water absorption is 0.01%. It's a new index in the field of artificial building materials. Stains cannot penetrate and do not give bacteria breeding space.


(4) Scratch resistance: Mohs hardness exceeds 6 degrees, which can resist scratching and attempting scratching.


(5) Corrosion resistance: Resistance to various chemical substances, including solutions, disinfectants, etc.


(6) Easy cleaning: It can be cleaned only by wiping with a wet towel, without special maintenance requirements, and it is simple and quick to clean.


(7) All-round application: Break the application boundary, March from decorative materials to applied materials, and design, processing and application are more diversified and extensive, meeting high-standard application requirements.


(8) Flexible customization: The texture of the sintered stone is rich and varied, which can be personally tailored according to users' needs.


Application of Sintered Stone in our home:

It is mainly used in the field of household and kitchen plates. As a new species in the field of home furnishing, compared with other home furnishing products, sintered stone home furnishing has the characteristics of large specifications, strong moldability, various colors, high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, penetration resistance, acid and alkali resistance, zero formaldehyde, environmental protection and health, etc.


Specific application scope:

Kitchen, dining room application: Fearless of high temperature, sintered at 1250 ℃, no discoloration, no smoke, no release of harmful substances, fire retardant and no fading, very suitable for use in kitchens.

▲ Cabinet countertops

▲ Nakajima (Kitchen island)

▲ The tabletop


Bathroom application: neat and generous, integrated fashion appearance, antibacterial and bacteriostatic, excellent performance of zero penetration and easy cleaning, the application of rock plate in bathroom space shows incisively and vividly.

Bathroom cabinet table-top


Bedroom wardrobe application: Natural, simple, simple design style and humanized design concept, make you enjoy a comfortable life at the same time, appreciate a large number of exquisite international designs.


Living room application: Ordinary materials can achieve a good product after careful carving by designers. And a good material will be given a second life after the designer's ingenuity.

▲ Dining tabletop

▲ Coffee tabletop

▲ TV counter

▲ Wall surface

▲ Ground

▲ Stairs

Defects of Sintered Stone:

1. Expensive

2. Compared with traditional decorative materials, rock plate has large specifications and higher requirements for cutting and processing quality. Only by using more professional processing services can the processing and application of sintered stone be realized.

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